How To Frame Memorabilia (+ Bathroom Makeover!)

This is an easy step by step tutorial on how to frame memorabilia.

a how to frame memorabilia



picture frame to fit memorabilia
cardboard cut to fit the frame
fabric cut to fit the frame
hot glue gun

1.) Iron the fabric flat.


2.) Place fabric’s good side faced down on a flat surface.


3.) Center the  cardboard on fabric.


4.) Hot glue fabric to cardboard starting with the corners then centers, applying more glue as necessary.DSC01696

5.) Arrange memorabilia as desired on front of fabric, tact down with hot glue, cover with glass and turn the whole thing into the frame.  Thrift stores can be great source for inexpensive frames. Here, an old frame that once hung in my grandparent’s home was painted white.

 DSC01697 DSC01699 DSC01700 DSC01705

My memorabilia came from a recent adventure to Aruba.

a sea fan

The gorgeous sea fan was found on the sands of our favorite Aruba beach, La Playa Beach. It just squeezed into my carry-on roller along with our other treasures (above).

[Check out Aruba’s Top 10 Beaches, Excellent Eats and National Park Attractions.]


 When I saw the fabulous fan washed up on that beautiful beach in Aruba, I immediately thought of framing it.  A recent bathroom makeover finally motivated me to get ‘er done.

DSC01441 DSC01444 DSC01445 DSC01447

My sister snuck in to get the above action shots of the transformation!

DSC01410 DSC01419

Summer has officially ended for our endless summer themed half bathroom.

DSC01413 DSC01406

We loved the former vibrant surf motif but the new look is definitely more calming… and neutral.

a how to frame memorabilia

May you be inspired to surround yourself with the things that you love and lovely memories!

Skiing Snowshoe WV

Skiing Snowshoe WV is wildly wonderful!

a skiing snowshoe wv

 Unique from most mountain resorts, Snowshoe sits atop its 4848 foot ski hill.


The tiny mountaintop town overlooks slopes that swish down to the shoreline of Shaver Lake.


  Three distinct areas make up Snowshoe Mountain: Snowshoe Basin, Western Territory and Silver Creek.


Snowshoe Basin is the main hub of the resort.


A small town of shops, restaurants and room rentals welcome guests at the top of the mountain (above) and a small lodge called The Boathouse sits lakeside at the bottom (below).


There’s terrain for all experience levels at Snowshoe Basin including a fun terrain park (below).


[Check out my video skiing Progression Session Park!]


Snowshoe Basin chauffeurs skiers uphill on 7 lifts, 2 of which are high speed quads.

IMG_3719 IMG_3663

Just a walk across the street from Snowshoe Basin, the Western Territory offers excellent “expert” or diamond conditions created by Olympian  Jean-Claude Killy.


This section of the mountain houses the two longest and steepest trails, both running about 1.5 miles over 1500 feet of vertical.


The Western Territory also offers some of the best panoramic mountain views.


A small lodge dubbed Arbuckles Cabin rests at the base of the Western Territory alongside a high speed quad.


Only a short drive down the road, Silver Creek has night skiing and a tube park.


Offering 18 trails by day, 12 by night, 6 lifts and 3 freestyle terrain areas, this section of Snowshoe could be a whole other ski resort on its own but instead it’s an added bonus!


The small lodge known as the Sugar Shack sits at the base of Silver Creek.


All together Snowshoe has 57 trails. All 251 acres are 100% snowmaking, which enable skiable conditions even in marginal temperatures.


The last time hubby and I visited in late March, it was warm enough to ski in just a shirt!

912691837106 709691837106

Despite the warm weather, Snowshoe’s snow-cover on the slopes was in excellent condition.

339681837106 146581837106 706491837106 831181837106

That’s my kind of skiing!


That trip was almost a decade ago. Look how our fur child has grown!

377591837106 IMG_3654

The matching then (left above) and now (right above) sweaters were not planned, promise!

DSC01584 DSC01571 DSC01581 DSC01525

Our most recent skiing Snowshoe WV adventure in mid-January was a bit chillier.


The snow-covered surroundings were beyond beautiful.


We paid a price for that fabulous fresh frosting though.


Visibility was pretty low most of our three day trip.


The day upon arrival, there was fog so dense it hid the lake.

DSC01549   DSC01644 DSC01543 DSC01645 DSC01646

On our second day, the fog lifted a bit so the lake was visible.


Though mostly cloudy, the fresh dusting of powder each day made for great skiing conditions amongst amazing scenery.


I got up to see the sunrise on our final day.

DSC01640 DSC01638

There was no sun but a fresh dusting of snow fell in the crisp, clean morning air.


The sky finally opened up during our last two hours of skiing!


The blue sky against the white tree tops was a beautiful sight to behold.


My favorite Snowshoe amenity is the proximity of their accommodations to the slopes. Most rooms and rentals are within walking distance of a lift.

DSC01522 DSC01641

Although everything is in close proximity, convenient shuttle buses run throughout Snowshoe. The shuttle came to our rescue after we missed the last lift one day!


My least favorite feature of Snowshoe is the steep and winding drive there.

DSC01502 DSC01503 DSC01504 DSC01505

Other than the hair pin turns on the way to and fro, Snowshoe is one of our favorite southern east coast ski resorts.

a skiing snowshoe wv

15 Waterville Valley NH Summer Activities

When its ski slopes go into hibernation, Waterville Valley NH summer activities are plentiful and perfect for the whole family.

a waterville valley nh summer activities

Just over an hour from Manchester and two hours from Boston, this little New Hampshire nook in the White Mountain National Forest is a gorgeous getaway year round.

waterville valley map

15 Waterville Valley NH Summer Activities:

1.) Biking


Photo by Cousin Lia

There’s a variety of bike-able trails and low traffic roads to explore in the vicinity.


A rental shop conveniently located in the town square custom fits bikes for all sizes.

DSC06731 DSC06734

DSC06741 DSC06743 10376720_10102620982511893_4026222173838685098_n DSC06751DSC06746 10623787_3219262891603_8344636355876538339_o 10662010_3219268611746_4097337759395089525_o DSC06750 (last 3 photos by Cousin Lia)

2.) Hiking


Waterville Valley is strewn with beautiful hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulty.

DSC06799 DSC06800 DSC06802 DSC06805 DSC06807 DSC06811 10502141_10102622205790433_2956085750217937876_n DSC06815 DSC06816 DSC06818 DSC06820 DSC06825

The trails are well marked and easy to follow. The summer brings lush greens, bright flowers and active wildlife. Cross country skiers continue to enjoy the snow-covered paths through colder months.


3.) Wildlife

The White Mountain National Forest is home to white-tailed deer, fox, moose, black bear and many other native species. (We saw a bear and many deer on our way out of town around dawn!)


Several wildlife centers service the area, rescuing and rehabilitating native animals. The Waterville Valley Town Square schedules regular wildlife shows featuring these rescues.


4.) Shopping

The Town Square is lined with quaint shops selling the cutest souvenirs, snacks, books, toys, clothes and more.


 The main square is a leisurely entertaining area with gorgeous mountain views overlooking Corcoran Pond.

a waterville valley nh summer activities

5.) Coffee

Each morning we’d take a stroll around the square with delicious cappuccinos from Blue Moon Cafe.  What a fabulous way to ease into each day!


6.) Ice Cream

Ice cream can add the sweetest touch to any summer day.


 PigPen’s 1950’s diner style ice cream parlor serves up amazing frozen delights and candy suitable for any sweet tooth.

7.) Swimming

Corcoran Pond can offer cool relief on a hot summer day. A floating platform in the middle of the pond encourages swimmers out into the water.


8.) Sunbathing

The sandy beach on the east side of the pond is a perfectly relaxing place to catch some rays or build a castle.

DSC07122 - Copy9.) Volleyball

Beach volleyball is bound to drum up some summer fun!

10.) Boating

Across from the beach paddle boats, SUP boards, kayaks and canoes can be rented at the dock.


11.) Dining

Waterville Valley offers an array of delectable dining options.


Gourmet meals, casual dining, take out and even bar food are all found within the Town Square limits.

DSC06718 DSC07117 DSC07119 DSC07133

Even fur friendly dining is available! DSC06796

12.) Golfing

A nine hole golf course weaves through Waterville Valley. Hubby described it as “a fun executive course with a few hills and great views.”

13.) Tennis

Across the street from the Town Square, the Tennis Center boasts 18 clay courts. Tennis lovers unite!


14.) Fishing


A few fishing holes can be found in the valley.


15.) Special Events

Waterville Valley’s Town Square continuously schedules special events, but on this occasion a cousin’s wedding drew us to the charming town. Every moment of the event was fun and fabulous. The beautiful mountain backdrop made the long weekend feel like a fairytale.

DSC06716 10353113_10102618349438593_5146297227955607143_n DSC06766 DSC06767 DSC06773 DSC06778 DSC06779 DSC06782 DSC06787 DSC06788 DSC06789 DSC06792 DSC06832 DSC06837 DSC06844 DSC06856 DSC06864 DSC06869 DSC06875 DSC06881 DSC06882 DSC06890 DSC06891 DSC06892 DSC06899 DSC06903 DSC06906 DSC06918 DSC06922 DSC06927 DSC06928 DSC06930 DSC06933 DSC06934 DSC06936 DSC06938 DSC06947 DSC06952 DSC06954 DSC06964 DSC06989 DSC06994 DSC06999 DSC07006 DSC07041 DSC07045 DSC07053 DSC07054 DSC07066 DSC07073 DSC07078 DSC07086 DSC07089 DSC07094 DSC07098 DSC07100 DSC07107 dinner2 10655343_3219274691898_7635491559974452456_o 10682283_3219273931879_2790685334100087580_o(last 2 photos by Cousin Lia)

I think we’d all like to return to this lovely little spot some day!

A Day at Common Man Spa Plymouth NH

We spent the last day of our ski trip at the luxuriously rustic Common Man Spa Plymouth NH.

a common man spa plymouth nh

[Read more on our ski adventures to Ragged, Gunstock and Loon Mountain.]


Hubby and I thought a spa day would be the perfect close to the annual tradition and invited the family to join with us in the form of Christmas gifts.


The New England winter weather kicked it up a notch that day but we braved the elements.

IMG_1347 DSC02310 DSC02312 DSC02316

 Common Man Spa had reassured us that they’d be open as every employee owns a 4 wheel drive.



Upon arrival a blazing fireplace, hot tea and snacks welcomed us in from the cold.


The friendly spa team individually escorted us to the lovely locker rooms where we were given a locker, key, fluffy robe and a short tour.

DSC02356 DSC02349 DSC02357 DSC02354

First hubby and I headed for the co-ed heated pool, hot tub and sauna.


Spas with these amenities can be few and far between (especially in this area) and spas that allow couples to co-mingle in such amenities are even rarer.

   DSC02337 DSC02342

Thank you Common Man, we like co-mingling!

IMG_1320 IMG_1329 DSC02330 IMG_1322

The pool area was kept cozy with a warm wood stove, cushy chairs and fluffy towels.

DSC02334 DSC02329

After we’d melted all of our cares away in the warm waters, it was off to our massages.

DSC02362 DSC02360

I met masseuse Boris in the quaint waiting room and headed off to a relaxing, stress and tension releasing treatment. I disclosed my lower back issues to the pro who suggested I start wearing tennis shoes on the regular to relieve the pain. That’s some of THE best back advice I’ve ever received, true story!


After our amazing Common Man Spa experience, per my parents’ (who’d visited the day prior) advice, we strolled through the charming Common Man Inn scattered with antiques, local fair and interesting tidbits.

[The Common Man Inn happens to be fur friendly!]

DSC02369 DSC02363

We had a most fabulous day at Common Man Spa Plymouth NH and hope to return again some day!

a common man spa plymouth nh

Travel Tip for Flight Delays

This travel tip for flight delays is #3 in an ongoing series of Travel Tips we share for smoother, cheaper, better adventuring.

a Travel Tip Don't be Deterred by Delays

Don’t Be Deterred By Delays

Whether it be traffic, train or flight delays, where there’s a will there’s usually a way around it.  Side streets can be saviors on road trips and neighboring airports can be the solution to flight delays as was the case that inspired this simple yet effective travel tip.


 A lovely lakefront home exchange just a short distance from Loon, Gunstock and Ragged ski resorts brought the family together in New Hampshire for our annual ski trip.


Brian and I drove up from Virginia to the quaint New England town of New Hampton.

IMG_1212 IMG_1207 IMG_1225 IMG_1221 IMG_1231 DSC01854 IMG_1241 IMG_1262

My parents flew from Florida into nearby Manchester Airport. My sister and her main squeeze were also scheduled to fly to Manchester from California, but the flight was delayed a day due to inclement weather. Fret not! We did a little research and found another flight to neighboring Boston Airport that afternoon. I’ve always wanted to see Boston!

IMG_1260 IMG_1261

Thanks to a little of our own air traffic controlling, the ski trip went on uninterrupted by the snow storm exactly as planned!

 ragged mountain new hampshire Gunstock Mountain, New Hampshire a loon mountain ski resort & ice castles

We had a jolly good time on the slopes and hanging out playing board games, watching home movies and cooking together.

 IMG_1345 DSC02283 DSC02208 IMG_1316  DSC02389 DSC02385 DSC02381 DSC02202IMG_1343 IMG_1351 DSC02200 IMG_1335

Leave it to the intense New England weather to make our last and most luxurious stop in New Hampshire a challenge too, but again it didn’t stop us!

IMG_1319 IMG_1329 DSC02329

Look for details on our day at the captivating Common Man Spa soon.  Until then keep calm with this travel tip!

a Travel Tip Don't be Deterred by Delays